Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nations international relations play an important role in the outcome of struggle for the liberation.

The 11th of August 1947 Eastern Baluchistan was recognized, even by Pakistan to be, an independent sovereign state. The British colonial rules in Baluchistan had institutionalized the Baluch’s tribal system in order to serve British colony’s interests. Tribal chiefs do not trust each other at the best they see one another an opponent at the worse enemy. The tribal system so far has been able to transfer the contention to the contemporary generation. Brother has killed a brother and sons have challenged the father for the chiefdom. A clan leader has lobbied outside interests to support him to become a chief of a tribe. Distrust among Baluch chiefs led Baluchistan into Punjabi Mohijir and Persian colony.

Baluchistan is a tribal society the tribesman has a sentiment of belonging to a tribe; tribesman lack a sentiment of nation, neither tribe has structure of nation or state. Iran and Pakistani have an ambition to enslave Baluch, but some Baluch leaders and tribal chiefs are not innocent. Baluchistan is divided and occupied by three states. Baluch people have never recognized so called internationally recognized boundaries between three states.

The international communities do recognize the Iran, Pakistan boundaries. Baluch believes that Iran Pakistan and Afghanistan boundaries divide a single nation into three artificial states, it is morally wrong, the Baluch people do not willing to do what is morally wrong. But it is Baluch word against states and international communities.
The world do not recognize that Baluchistan is occupied land, I do not believe a tribe a party an individual can convince the world that Baluch is occupied land. Mass protest by Baluch masses and mass mobilization by educated elites can convince the world that Baluchistan is divided and occupied land.

States cooperate among themselves; united nation is the club of people with the states. They can pass laws that criminalize a normal activity, turn normal law abiding citizen to criminal by stroke of pen. Baluch first have to proof to themselves and the world that the Baluch nation would not tolerate to be part of Iran or Pakistan that require commitment and scarifies from ones part.

Baluch nationalist have allowed themselves to envisage that they can confront the consolidated power of Iran and Pakistan with a junk of contradictory ideas. There is a conflict between the unity of the movement and the unity of nationalist proposals among the Baluch nationalist forces. The pursuit of logical political programme has alienated some of nationalist. The struggle for liberation needs modern institutions. I don’t believe Middleville institution near enough to cater for modern epoch.

Nations international relations play an important role in the outcome of struggle for the liberation. The independent Baluch movement to grow in strength may require external help. It is the Baluch movement’s unity and strength that attract external support. The strength is hard to build without participation of different political groups and component of the Baluch society. Nevertheless external support is necessary to the success for the Baluch struggle for independence.