Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iran and Pakistan have been looting Baluchistan resources, because Baluch have no power to stop them

Iran and Pakistan have been looting Baluchistan resources, because Baluch have no power to stop them
Baluch nationalist have allowed themselves to envisage that they can confront the consolidated power of their opponents with a junk of contradictory ideas.  There is a conflict between the unity of the movement and the unity of nationalist proposals among the nationalist’s forces. The pursuit of logical political programme has alienated some of nationalist. Once Baluch nationalist have begun to present a fatal threat to the states, they will attract supporters’ far greater numbers than they alienate.
The notion that the central government power can be dissolved and replaced by something called federal or local government has some currency among Baluch Sardars( sustain by central governments)  and so called middle Classes elite (states employee) in Baluchistan.  It has been recognised as nonsense by most nationalist activists and intellectuals, because Baluch do not seek to dominate the others nation its does not means the other people will not desire to subjugate Baluch.
One might, for example manage to persuade the Baluch people to give up the violence in the hope of preventing the sequence of violence, unless others are bound by the same rules Baluch simply open new space in which the neighbouring nations expand. Unless at state level the Iranian government abandon violence against the Baluch, Baluch can do a little to protect themselves and everyone else from being threatened by Persian Shiite who are not nice as some people believes. If the Baluch people give up resistance, they would deprive themselves of the power of restraint.
The Baluch interests have not been represented in Iran and there is no hope its will be represented in future. Conflicts begin to develop as soon as Baluch define a need at difference with those of the others. The conflict is suppressed only when the Baluch resistance either collapse to the Persian will or the Iranian leave Baluchistan.
It has been said a world without power is a world without people. Power either forces the weaker down or forces him out. Power is inherent to human society as greed or fear. Baluch must manage the power of their people and pursue overthrow the states institutions and replace them with their own. This is only possible when Baluch ceases to be bound by the irrational loyalties of Iran and Pakistan.
The United Nations which is meant to deliver a peace, human rights and international justice, is controlled by the five victors of Second World War and members states. There is no hope that The United Nation takes a measure which helps non member nations like Baluch.
The Baluch children are denied primary education. The Baluch are dying from preventable diseases. Majority have no access to fresh water, security, healthcare and job. Climate change caused by nuclear test in Baluchistan polluted water wells consequently reduced agricultural productivities.  
 Brutal and repressive regime in Tehran has impoverished and threatened the Baluch and has destroyed their natural resources. The corrupted and oppressive regime has been correctly identified as leading causes of Baluch impoverishment.  Iranian president is a brutal theocratic madman who has cheated his people of freedom, has murdered political opponents and destabilised the whole region.
Persian elite deceive the world;
It is common self important of Iran and Pakistan that their respective states are not failed state. Iran has not been able to hold free and fair election in which citizens are free to elect and to be elected as they will. The Baluch people in Iran are not in a position to dismiss their province governor. Persian believe that the indigenous Baluch who are not willing to assimilate into Persian religion, culture, language has to be disposed, in case they became tool of British, American, Israel, Saudi.
 Persian government in Iran have the power over human life. Officials decided what people eat, drink, where they live and what they wear. Iranian elite’s stands at odd with everything Baluch claimed to value; human freedom, diversity, accountability.
Baluch have been portrayed a drug trafficker by Persian elite regardless of their political views, but Baluchistan security, economy, and education are controlled by Iranian and Pakistan. The Baluch are trapped by these states system in a cycle of under investment, under represented within the states and unrepresented internationally, because they do not posses a power that they can improve their living standard. The Baluch economical position continues to deteriorate, that in turn leaves them without the means of generating the resources to provide decent education for their children and decent living standard for themselves.
The controlled conditions of states by Persian and Punjabi elites have dampened the Baluch hope in Iranian and Pakistan states system. Baluch know that there is little point in changing the government in Tehran and Islamabad will improve the Baluch lives in respective state.
Persian elites believe that Baluch deserve to remain Backward because they are inferior raise therefore should be subordinated to Persian religion and culture. The Baluch people are suffering on the hand of Tehran fundamentalist theocrat and Islamabad Jihadi army; it is the time that the world should acknowledge the Baluch suffering and must help Baluch to rescue themselves, Baluch surely would contribute to the world security.
Baluch anticipation for future;
Baluch as a member of world community demand justice from international communities, because Baluch nation is not a member of the United Nations. Baluch politic has been controlled by Iran and Pakistan.
Independent united Baluchistan would not be a problem for international communities. The problem is in fact control of Baluchistan by occupied regional powers (Iran and Pakistan). They have been able to loots Baluchistan resources at their well without any benefits to Baluch. Iran and Pakistan have been looting Baluchistan resources, because Baluch have no power to stop them, and the United Nations has legitimised their illegal practices. Democratic independent Baluchistan will succeed in protecting their citizens from the violence of others.
M.Sarjov is a Baluch political activist based in London