Sunday, December 30, 2012

It is sad to see the victim to be victimised.

The Shiite Turk tribes (Azari) had ruled Persia since Persia was carved out in 1501 from Islamic Khalifa,  Safavid, Afshar, Qajar, these are Turki Tribes, respectively ruled over the Persia.  Persia was carved out from Ottoman Empire on the claim of Shiite religion. For the first time the English provided canon to Safavid king. The European created Persian in order to open new front line against Khalifa and Shiite became useful allied for European and European succeeded dividing ottoman from Mughal by created Shiite state and defeated Khalifa forces in Europe.

The Persian army was made up from Azari tribes; the Azari has created the Iran. Before Reza shah became the king the Persian army language was unofficially was turkey, the Azar never served in Persian speaking regiment, the Azar had felt shamed degraded if he had to serve in Tajik regiment.  States official languages is another debate for another time, I do not want to open that debate right now.

The Baluchistan became a part of Persia by force in 1927.  book/ doc, Persia was invaded by Islam Army more 1400 years ago and Persia became part of Dar-Khlaffa. The Persian civilization and the Persian religion, language had finished.  Since the recreation of Persia in 1555 till 1927 Baluchistan was an independent state.  

The Baluchistan khanate always had diplomatic relations with Ottoman and Mughal empires. The Baluch in Iran are victim of forced annexation to Iran. The Persian has done with the Baluch like every invading army done to invaded nation.  Deprived the Baluch from their traditional industry, self-steam, self-confidence, degraded their history, deprived them from their language, heritage and culture and change their name and even they are not free to choose a name for their children. The Baluch survived for thousands years without Persian and can survive without Iran. The Baluch never been some one else borders protectors, the Baluch has always protected their own borders.

The Iranian cannot tolerate the Baluch cities and personal names in Baluchi. For Iran to provide adequate education for the Baluch is everyone guesses. What Iranian want for the Baluch is a book keeper a guard, servant! The Persian will never put a Baluch on a decision-making post.  It is sad to see the victim to be victimised. The state of Iran is responsible for every short coming in Baluchistan from A to Z.
Mehrab. Sarjov

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