Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it is against the apparent obedience of their fellow Baluch,

Baluchistan national party, national party, PPP reduce the Baluch to a mere puppet of history, and portray the Baluch as a masses which has become integrated into Punjabi dominated society through the influence of Pakistani television.
The Baluch culture is depicted as a force binding the Baluch to the Pakistan order and incapable of sustaining any real opposition to the existing system except on the individual and small groups level.
Self contained culture built around the tribal culture has a limited potential, for it is a culture in which the Baluch remains a subordinated seemingly unable to develop beyond the autonomy.
The progressive Baluch are saying, the Baluch are not the abject, defeated, but a nation in full hope and energy relatively educated and defended by a strong Baluch unity for independent Baluchistan. The young educated progressive are preparing to challenge the Sardars and Punjabi domination on Baluch culture only accepts the legitimacy of reform within the Baluch political framework of democracy.
This is not to argue that the Baluch are a passive, only that there is no other alternative to political and economic and that negotiation necessary takes place within framework of Pakistan and therefore takes on a peaceful but dogged issue for independent.
These political parties failed to understand the aspect of the modern Baluch struggle, and it is against the apparent obedience of their fellow Baluch, rebellious and violent acts have their meaning.