Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now Jihadi groups are inserting their influence on Baluch tribal chiefs

Two sisters, aged 11 and 13, were acid-thrown at their faces on April while they were on their way home from a shopping centre in Dalbandin City, district Chaghai Baluchistan. On another episode two weeks later three sisters were acid thrown at their faces while they were on their way home from the work in Kalat historical capital of Baluchistan, not far from Shahi Durbar where Suleman Khan Dawood current Khan of Kalat had held successful, historic Baluch Jirga that for the first time in Baluch history the commoner, educated elite, businessmen, notable and tribal chief had taken the part and reach the conclusion.
There is no a record in the Baluch history where the women has been Harassed. There are Baluch and Islamic institution and law that deal with adultery and indecency. There are no suggestions that these women have committed any sins apart from going or coming from the work or shopping. Nobody ever have been allowed to harass and disgrace a woman in anywhere in any part of Baluchistan. In the Baluch tradition the whole community, city is responsible to protect their women from any harm inflicted on them by local tug or alien. Life is not worth living for a Baluch if that life cannot be used to protect Baluch honour.
Now the way of life that Baluch have lived for thousand years is under the threat from fundamentalism Islam. Not from Islam that we knew, Because Baluch has been Muslim for more than thousand years.
The narrowly interpreted Islam that suits the Iranian Mullahs to cling to power that political Islam that separate Pakistan from Indian or the Islam that legitimise Pakistan interference in Afghanistan. This Islam is a new to Baluch. They have lost their sovereignty to the political Islam in 1948, now their way of life is under the threat from political Islam.
Now Jihad groups are inserting their influence on Baluch tribal chiefs. There are unconfirmed reports that Jihads Groups have widened their influence in those parts of Baluchistan where they had no influence before.
Baluch in Iran are the Sunni sect of Islam they have been used and abused by the Iranian government, they also been used by the other Jihad groups. There are chances that Iranian may abuse the Baluch in order to hurt western forces in Afghanistan.
Baluchistan is divided between Iran Pakistan and Afghanistan. A single tribe is divided in three states Baluch are the poorest of the poor in Pakistan Iran and Afghanistan; Baluchistan is a fertile ground for a recruit for anyone who wanted the guns for hire. The Iranian has restarted the recruit, they have freed the acknowledged criminal they had in their jails and recruit them in their vigilantly border forces.
There have been a compotation between Iranian government and Sunni jihads groups to win the Sunni Baluch mullahs support. The love, hate relation between the Shiite and Sunni mullahs always has been there. The Iranian Baluch Sunni mullahs are being influenced by their co-religious Sunni mullah in Pakistan to cooperate with Iranian.