Monday, July 5, 2010

The world and Persian have ignored violence against Baluch for so long.

The modernity and free market economy have broken up old ways of living and working, leading to a rejection of everyday routine as unchallengeable norm of conduct, therefore the erosion of traditionalism as a mode of political legitimacy.
The state must try to maintain or create conditions in which profitable capital accumulation is possible, nevertheless, the state must also try to maintain or create the conditions of social harmony.

Iranian has openly used theirs coercive forces to help religious fanatic accumulate capital in Baluchistan at the expense of the Baluch people, therefore Iran has lost its legitimacy. Iranian have ignored the necessity of assisting Baluch and others, has dried up the sources of its power in Baluchistan.

The modern Iranian state politic is based on outright Islamic theocratic regime in which public political and social participation is reduced to zero. Iran is incapable of creating within population the necessary motivation; the cultural system can provide the essential values associated with discipline. The Iranian religion dominated culture has dominated the individual. The autonomous individual has been swallowed by the system.

Modernisation has undermined theocratic rules legitimacy by the creation of new wants and new means of satisfying these wants. Iranian elites can no longer generate a viable economy for Baluch or popular consciousness to maintain the state together. The Baluch are inspired to pursue their interest in united independent Baluchistan. The Iranian legitimacy crises in Baluchistan are not only the result of lack of development, but flow directly from the historic Persian domination. As the result of domination and subjugation Baluch have been forced in pursuit of national liberation. Power is never surrendered voluntarily; if Baluch want it, Baluch must seize it.

Throughout history, human beings have been the loyalists of an exclusive community. They have always known, as if by instinct, who lies within and who lies without. The unit of identity has grown, from the family to the clan, tribe, and nation. Iranian political culture and constitution is a dead end.

Iran stands at odds with everything Baluch and civilised are claims to value; human freedom, accountability, diversity. Over 30 years as every one knows Iran has been responsible for the death of over million Iranian and million more Iraqi in the wars primarily for the purpose of expending the Shiite ideology and power of the Persian dominated elite.

Persian elite have sought to destroy entire ethnic and non Shiite religion groups inside Iran. Persian have engineered famines destroyed ecosystem, killed political opponents and cut short the most basic human freedom. Shiite clergy (mullah) and Persian elite who have succeeded in capturing wealth and powers of state 30 years ago have enriched themselves enormously at public expense; Shiite clergy and Persian elite have used the state as their personal treasure, enslaving, Baluch, Kurd, Arabs, and others for the purpose of filling their own packets.

The Baluch people believe that Iran is a mechanism for violently depriving Baluch of its freedom, identity and national wealth. Baluch may be challenge to the world order by not recognising artificial boundaries that world has imposed on Baluch; Baluch believe that these boundaries are challenging the existence of Baluch as a viable community.

The Baluch nation have lost control of it territory, the lives of its people have been ripped apart by Persian, who possess no policy other than to loot Baluch national wealth. The Shiite clergy evolved the habit of hanging Baluch youth in public. Public execution is advanced because no one is preventing the Shiite clergy from doing it.

Iranian has failed to offer protection to Baluch both from external aggression and from people with violent tendencies within its own borders. Iranian security services assassinate its citizen; the police beat up and rape protester and members of ethnic, religious minorities and extract confession from suspect by violent means. Baluch obey the state whether they agree with it prescription or not, but they obey it out of fear.

There are plenty of instance of state authorities turning blind eye while Persian Shiite with which state sympathize assaults a Baluch which state discriminate. The Iran own violence and its toleration of the violence of Persian in Baluchistan against Baluch is the results of failure of Persian majority may be the world to hold Persian to account. The world and Persian have ignored violence against Baluch for so long.

If Iran continues to exist, Iranian will seize from Baluch, Kurd, Arab the assets which would be to Persian advantage. Baluchistan which possesses valuable resources, these resources did not survive in accessible places and will not survive in remote region for the benefit of Baluch nation. Baluch communities tribal mentalities are vulnerable to attack by state big enough and rich enough advanced military.

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