Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iranian regime has started a propaganda war against the Baluch population in Iran

Iranian regime has started a propaganda war against the Baluch population in Iran. There is large population of the Baluch in Iran. The Baluch are Sunni and speak a different language from Persian. The Baluch in the western Baluchistan (Iran) regard Iranian as an occupier and Iranian failed to assimilate the Baluch.

The Iranian official Television has broadcasted a program in which some people have confessed that they have assassinated pro-government Mr. Mulavi Mostafa Jungozahi. http://www.rajanews.com/detail.asp?lang_id=&id=148859 The Iranian even accused the Omani that they are supporting so called Wahabi groups in the Iranian occupied Baluchistan.  Oman is not a Sunni Muslim state at all.

The mistrust and lies are ingrained in the Shiite believes system as long as Iran is ruled according to the Shiite religion doctrine mistrust and deception remain part of arts of governance in Iran. The Iranian hardliners news outlets have accused the Qatari, Saudi Arabia, the American, Israel and Britain for supporting the some religious groups in the western Baluchistan. The Persian Shiite paranoia has over taken the rational in Tehran.

Iran has been the mother of devils in the Middle East and the world for the last 34 years. Iran has armed and financed the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran has support and armed Syria government and Syrian has been killing its own people. Iran has been destabilising Yemen. Iraq, Bahrain have suffered from the Iranian interferences. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are not immune from the Iranian.

Iran is a Shiite majority state ruled according to Shiite doctrine.  The people of western Baluchistan are culturally different from the rest of Iranian. Western Baluchistan historically is not part of Iran. The Iranian forces invaded Baluchistan in 1927. 

Mehrab. Sarjov

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